UPDATED: Blue Steele in 107 Light Grey, 056 (4th post)

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UPDATED: Blue Steele in 107 Light Grey, 056 (4th post)

Postby Jacaranda » Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:28 pm

A few of you might remember this post on tumblr from a few months ago, but now that Arda's forums are up and running, I thought I would re-post it here with some new pictures and descriptions.

Style: Blue Steele [link]
Color: 107 Light Grey [link]
Permanent modifications: none

At a glance
True to the site description, the Blue Steele is super-short in the back and long in the front; on my medium-to-large head, the longest parts fall at about chin level. Wefts in the back are dense enough and the hair on them just long enough to ensure that nothing beneath shows through when all the fiber is lying flat.

[front] [side] [back] [additional photo]

The color, 107 Light Grey, is a nice light neutral grey. For those of you familiar with the old Cosworx line, it’s slightly lighter than their Silver color. The site lists it as a blend, but it must be a very, very subtle one, because even when I examine it closely I can’t see any differences in color amongst the fibers. A very nice color overall, and a passable substitute for lighter shades like 063 if they look too stark against your skin. My friend has a Hansel in that color, so I might compare those two shades side-by-side when I get the chance.

[comparison between Arda 107 Light Grey (left) and Cosworx Silver (right)]

Other Construction Notes

If you’re planning on pulling back the long parts of the wig, or styling them up, the hairline of the Blue Steele is pretty standard; small amounts of crimped fiber, but not excessive amounts of it.

On that note, the longer parts of the wig are in somewhat of a half-circle shape at the top-front. On the sides, they start about 2 1/2 to 3 inches above the bottom of the ear-flaps of the undermesh. Pulling the long parts up and away from the sides reveals that the parts underneath are also quite short; the bits that fall in front of my ears are just long enough to cover any hair there.


Quick Styling Notes: (no product used for photos)

Side part
The most basic of styling: a simple side part.

Side part, the “I can see!” edition
A single clip greatly improves visibility.

Untidy back
Messing up the back of the wig with my fingers proved successful! The wefting is thick enough to take a little styling in the untidy direction. I would not recommend cutting it shorter than it already is, but playing around with it to achieve a more untidy style is doable.

Teased and combed to the side (side view)
Teasing for top volume, and some creative positioning! I used no product to create this style, but some hair spray would be required to keep it this way during a photoshoot, and especially during a day of running around a convention.

Partially pulled back
Pulled back part of the longer section and secured with bobby pins.

I’m not quite sure, but it worked
Teased the front and pinned the longer parts to the top of the head.


If you need a wig with an ultra-short back and a long, tame front, the Blue Steele is a good choice. You can add clip-ons for faux pigtails or ponytails, or if you’re good with scissors, trim the front of the wig to match the rest; the Blue Steele is versatile in terms of styling despite it’s length. I did all the styling above without any product, but sprays would be required for some of them to hold their shape.

As for the fate of this particular wig? It’s going to be RIT dyed and styled eventually; I’ll post progress and process pics to the styling section when that happens.

I hope this was useful to someone! :) If you have any questions about the wig, feel free to ask them~
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Re: In-depth review: Blue Steele in 107 Light Grey

Postby repto » Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:00 am

Your wig reviews AND PICTURES are terrific as resource material. Thank you so much!
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Re: In-depth review: Blue Steele in 107 Light Grey

Postby DoodlePanda » Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:31 pm

This review was EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you so very much :)
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Re: UPDATED: Blue Steele in 107 Light Grey, 056 (4th post)

Postby Jacaranda » Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:15 am

I purchased a Blue Steele in 056 during the last sale and received it somewhere around the beginning of May; there was a bit of a delay and some confusion with a twice-sent order, but the Arda staff was very helpful in resolving the issue. :]

I also purchased a pack of short wefts in 056 so I could add some volume to the top, and make a custom lace front for the wig; Arda has nice options for lace front wigs, but I liked the versatility of the Blue Steele and the short, thick wefting in the back of the cap.

The wig in progress, after adding wefts but before incorporating the lace front:


Overall, it was a fairly straightforward process. I added in some wefts for increased thickness at the top (a matter of personal preference) and started creating the lace piece on another wig head. To achieve the proper curls, I started off by giving the curls their initial wave with rollers and a blow dryer on high heat (while being extremely careful!), then blasting them on the cool setting to set the curls. I then undid the rollers and put the wig in pin curls, repeating the heat-cool process. You can see an example of some of the pin curls as they are rolled on the head in this photo. It looked pretty silly before the pins were taken out and the curls finger-combed a bit. I discovered that I could get the same effect by leaving out the roller step, so most of the wig was actually done with pin curls only. As I went along, I trimmed the curls on the wig to eliminate some bulk and length.

As I neared the front, I started to heat-train the wefts up and back to avoid getting too much bulk in the front of the wig, and to make the area lie properly. The lace front was sewn in before the final sections were curled, leaving a small portion of hair so I could form a small forelock. The portion was twisted and put into a tight forelock, then trimmed and sprayed into place.

A few individual locks had to be pinned into place to achieve approximately the right shape, and the wig was given a light misting of hair spray.

I unfortunately do not have any good-quality photos of the wig after finishing it, but I do have some web-cam photos of it from various angles.



3/4 view:

Showing off the bit of hair at the front:

The wig with the completed costume and makeup (sort of):


The Blue Steele proved yet again that it is a lovely wig to work with :]
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Re: UPDATED: Blue Steele in 107 Light Grey, 056 (4th post)

Postby White Samurai » Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:06 am

This is super helpful, thank you for sharing!
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