In-depth review: Derek in 70B Light Brown

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In-depth review: Derek in 70B Light Brown

Postby Jacaranda » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:50 pm

One of the wigs I purchased at AX11, in addition to the Blue Steele and a Long Clip.

Style: Derek [link]
Color: 70B Light Brown [link]
Permanent modifications: none

At a glance:

The Derek is an odd wig. It's fairly short at the back and most of the top, but longer near the front, and with LOTS of layers throughout. The longest bits just hit my jawline, and the bangs fall a bit past my eyes. The wig is thick to the point where, when combined with many layers, I had a little trouble dealing with it, so if you're buying the wig with the intention of putting it into a more tame style, you might need to thin it a little. There's also crimped fiber at the roots pretty much everywhere in the wig except the back near the nape, and on the skin coin; good for volume, but difficult if you want it to lie flat.

Light Brown is an equally interesting color; when examined closely, it seems to be a mix of a lighter, golden brown with a darker coppery brown. It definitely looks like a reddish brown from a distance.


Quick styling notes: (no product used)

Combed flat (side) (back)
The Derek is capable of behaving itself, but it requires a bit of convincing from a wide-toothed comb.

Messed up with fingers (side) (back)
This is probably the closest to the natural state of the Derek. It's one of those wigs where it tends to look better when a little untidy.

Sideswept (front)
The front pieces by the ears are really long when compared to the shorter layers in the back.

Potential volume without teasing
AKA, what happens when you shake your head REALLY HARD while wearing a properly-pinned Derek.

Am I Roxas yet?
This wig is actually capable of achieving some impressive verticality!

I have a weakness for ahoge. One bobby pin at the base of the chunk was enough to keep it separated and vertical for a photo, but of course some product would be required for it to stay for a longer period of time.



Short, check! Thick, check! Scruffy, also check! The Derek is pretty basic as far as wig styles go, but what it does, it does well.

I bought this wig mostly so I could test out the style and color, but unfortunately have yet to find a use for it beyond that! You could say that it's looking for it's life purpose. :U
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